Saturday, June 5, 2010


part of a story i'm working on:)


Abhimanyu Ghimiray said...

Awesome ... really btful..Wats it about...ur story for new graphic novel???

iAmCha said...

Damn! I kept staring at it for more than fifteen minutes, without 'batting my eyelid'.

The paint bottles (from what I can imagine)is so brilliantly done...

I don't know really, but there's something very cheeky about those eyes on all the characters. ~ I like.

Simply in awe.

Alberto Abril said...


Sami said...

whoa! The next big thing :)

Eveline said...

There are so many wonderful and inspiring artists and *YOU* are one of them. What a fabulous sketch!!

Thanks for always keeping us updated, Abhi. Good luck with the book. I'm waiting for the published copy. :))

A. Riabovitchev said...

Interesting creature.:o)

Abhilash.N said...

Superb design My friend..!

Kendra Melton said...

Wow, that is a really creative creature and really interesting color palette. Very pretty

Marcos Mateu said...

Beautiful illustration!

Gulzar said...

I so agree with everyone...I like the loose shapes you play with....and how your colours splashes around...very dreamy :)

keep em comin Abhi, and thanks for coming into my blog, always :)

Vj Arumugam said...

you are truly brilliant my bro. Every time when you take up a new trip, i sit and wait to see how different the new journey of yours going to be. And trust me, you surprise me every time with such new paths of imagination. Your new journey's are setting up paths for others too. truly inspiring art!

Sami said...

Remember the little kid with a cap in 'The Incredibles'- the one with the kid's bike who shouts 'That was totally wicked!' Yes... I am that kid!

Need I tell anyone who Mr. Incredible is!

Nick Sharma said...

amazing....luv it

Oscar Rosales said...

Your work is always amazing man! Very inspirational!

Emmanuel Briand said...

so so cool as usual !!! congratumlation for your art abhishek Singh

Unknown said...


Eric Barclay said...

That is an awesome beast! Superb!

Shyam S. Deshpande said...

FANTASTIC!i can feel innocence in this one :)

Tarun Padmakumar said...

whats so great is that, despite being a professional comic book artist, (and this going by how certain comic artists are hired for their particular brand of style\art), you can shift styles like...THAT! (insert "Click" noise here).

Your diversity is what makes your work amazing. Pairing up ur recent previous recent posts pieces and ur latest beautiful work, normally, chances are less tht ppl think all these different, wonderful pieces are from the same person. Its work like this tht makes ppl consider comic books as...ART. N thts just what tht genre of literature needs, in India, anyways.Great wrk.

(god, im having a "fan-gasm").

does this mean ur "Krishna Project" is done?

kanishk said...

Superb design My friend. keep it up.
PPC Advertising India

abhishek singh said...

hi abhimanyu,
i keep scribbling ideas, and often out of those i flesh out something which seems exciting,
this happens to be a part of something like that, the mad box in the head feels happier blocking ideas in tangibility.
what's this ....well.. it's a promotional image for something which will be announced later:)

Joven, WOW!! some amazing painted posters on your blog , super:)

Imcha, same happens when i look at other masters work ,
feels inadequate , but comments like yours motivate me,
glad you like the work:)

Alberto, THANKS:)

Sami, fingers crossed:)

A.Riabovitchev , the creature is called "ELE-KOKU" part of the imaginary world in the story:)

Abilash, love your work and your comment is always dear to me:)

Kendra , i love the new posts on your blog , sometime back i figured i suck at color ,
a little desperation made me learn, just to figure , that there's so much more..phewww!!
thanks for liking the attempt:)

abhishek singh said...

Marcos, means a lot you liking it:)thanks

Gulzar, Thanks man , glad you are back on the blogosphere:)

Vijay, brother, coming form you it's a n honor,
waiting for what you would come up with on this:)

Sami!! the most "incredible" compliment , THAnks so much:)

Nityanshu, thanks , lovely new work on the blog:)

Oscar, thanks thanks:)

Tokyo banana- thanks , love the new posts , you are amazing :)

Alina: what can i say , always a pleasure to have you here:)

Eric: friend..long time , glad to see the new post:)

Shyam , thanks a ton , the story does have a touch of tht:)innocence :)

Octavio, THANKS:)

abhishek singh said...

Tarun , tht's maybe because i work in both animation and comics
last few years been more involved in creating pitches and ideas
so the change becomes important , for each idea i go about defining a visual space and language.
which will in turn inspires the idea to grow more, and provides a unique temperament to the whole thing.
but even within so many styles there be few elements of your personality,
but more so for me , switching styles keeps things fresh and exciting , don't want to set in a mould.
once anchored in the idea you release from a drawn experience , and i'm out there to relish all kinda of work and experiences
it makes me admire life and people:)

i'll keep the news of the book as a surprise as of now!!!

and thanks a ton , for such a geniune comment , i love the comic strips you post on your amazing blog , keep it on:)
thanks again:)

Kanish, Thanks for all your comments:)

THANKS EVERYONE:) motivating as always ,

Nima said...

amazing blog!!!It's so beautiful.bravo!!!

Luispa Salmon said...


robi pena said...

AMAZING, amazing, AaMmAaZzIiNnGg ^_____^!!! I just love this piece, congratulation Abhishek :-)!!!! WOW!!

surabhi said...

its so cutely calm... love everything about your work. in between when you started doing very realistic work (comics style) i kind of missed this abhishek.
thank you for bringing it back to me :)

Manoj Sinha said...

Character design ko ek naya aayam mila. Iski soond jaisi naak kafi pasand aayi.
Abhishek, maine cartoon ke liye alag blog:
banaya hai. Samay mile to tumhari nazar chahiye. Dhanyawad.

Eveline said...

You're insane, Abhi, and truly awesome. :))

Lady Garland said...

Just stumbled upon your page today! Everything is absolutely beautiful! I'm very glad I found this site. XD

Shireen Passi said...

Hi Abhishek,

My name is Shireen Passi. Actually I am looking for an 'Abhishek Singh' for a long time and during my search happened to come upon your name.

Was your father in the Army, and anytime posted in a place called Ganga Nagar? Did you study in an English convent school? Is your brother's name Abhinav Singh?

The Abhishek Singh I knew had a heart condition and had to undergo surgery.

Just let me know if I've hit bull's eye....

Thank you,

Shireen Passi
Siemens Kuwait

Eric Barclay said...

This is such a beautiful piece. Even though it's been up for over a month, I never tire of looking at it... although I and many others would be overjoyed if you were to post something new. Hope all is well with you, my friend!

Karina Gazizova said...


Annis Naeem said...

Accidentally stumbled on your blog through a random links list and I must say that I absolutely love your work, man! SICK!

alexis venet said...


abhishek singh said...

makes my day when i read such lines , motivating like always:)

abhishek singh said...


i am not the one you are looking for , i sincerely hope that you find him some day.

dipankar saikia said...

realy all are enjoying your work.its really a nice project.keep it up.

Stephan said...

thats's a cool sea creature! Can't wait for the story to come out!

Mayank said...

I am really a big fan of your work. A question for you- Will we be ever get to read the final installment of Ramayan 3392 AD?