Friday, January 8, 2010

Exhibition at LACMA, Los Angeles, Heroes and Villains - Heroes and Villains: The Battle for Good in India's Comics.

a very happy new year to all of you:)

recently an exhibition is on at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, titled "Heroes and Villains: the Battle for Good in India's Comics". it's on till 7th feb '2010

you can see a glimpse online as well:

The exhibition prominently features brief history depicting God's and Goddesses in comic books in india, namely amar chitra katha , virgin comics
their modern face and as well as some amazing folk art interpretations( i love these) of the epic Ramayan and godess Durga , which were the prominent themes of the exhibition.

my work on Ramayan 3392AD. along with works on Devi by the genius artist Mr. Mukesh singh (his work's just too terrific , do check out his title called"gamekeeper" and a short run on the tiltle for jenna jemson, lovely work), the amazing Saumin patel's work on devi ( his detailed layouts and keen sense to display the story is a treat),along with work by Mr. jeevan j kang ( on spider man india , beautifully rendered)were featured.

a special mention goes to the talents who colored the pages back then , ashwin for ramayan , thanks friend!and other's who colored the devi pages nanjan , kanna , mohan , thanks guys.

would like to extend my regards and thanks to all at virgin comicbooks(now liquid comics)
sharad devarajan and suresh seetharaman, gotham chopra, to Mr. Sekhar kapur and Mr. Deepak chopra.
thanks for a great gesture and an endeavor like this.

also thanks to avinash who very humbly have posted a review of the show on his blog , there are many other interesting articles there , do scroll through his's the address:
little sum pieces from the exhibition and some more ..enjoy!