Friday, November 28, 2008

"A Homage"

“Is war the road to Peace…

..then why one has to fight for it”

It’s been sad and has left us all with remorse,
But one hope and believes in light after dark,

A Homage to all those people who lost their lives in,
26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai(Bombay),
our prayers..

For ..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"A Hunter's Tale" - short film n swamp morning

i thought that i'll post in sumthing new also before i put my film up,so here's a very quick color study called the "swamp mornin":)

I thought this time I’ll share my short animation film with u all .

It’s called ”A Hunter’s tale” a pretty simple story. about a hunter and his realizations towards the animal world.

This was a wonderful experience and my small n humble attempt to understand various aspect of story telling and visual tonality which goes into making a film ,and the pursuit to know more about the story world still continues ,

.i enjoyed each n every bit of it .sleepless night’s, drawing away to my life and mixed paint stored in big soda bottles so I have enough supply of a particular shade to maintain color consistency of my characters in the film sheets scattered around in my room and that constant buzzing of studio scanner ,took me close to six thousand fully hand painted frames to complete this Everest job n a big thanks to all those who helped me scan these big bundles.
And I owe it a lot to all who helped me put this together,

now when I look back at it I can see zillion ways I could have made it better ,but we all evolve as people and artists n it’s good if we feel this way in retrospect .but one can’t take away the fact that something’s which u do for your own self and with so much heart will always remain emotional n at sum level will define you.

i think after my current project is over which I’m very excited about .soon will share some work ,

maybe a short film after that ..who knows:)

few explorations of te cha and environments..did one 14feet long bg for this film ..was trippy:)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


so finalee a nu post !!! it's been really long since i last posted ,
...this post is a sketch i happen to do of one of my fav cha from the epic "Mahabharat" called "Karna" he was born to kunti as a result of a boon given by the "Sun" god himself. over his life he became to signify "Selflessness" ,it's a journey of a man who's so gifted but how fate conspires against him ,it's a story of a man against himself..he's also the only one in the war who get's cremated by Lord "Krishna" himself. will post more on this soon :)

...also hav been workin on an extremely interestin project ....all underwraps but soon will share bits .i'm really excited about this one as on this project i'm doin the story too n it's been great so far.

n Thanks a lot everyone for takin time out to post in a comment ...THANKS:)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

chime explorations

few more sketches to explore the characters ...still on !!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

more"The Chime"

I’ve been away for a bit …
Travelling and working on some of the stories …
So heres an add on …
More on “The Chime”….

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


part of sumthig i'm workin on these days ,,, an explaoration for a dream sequence ...can't reveal much ..
it's a rough thematic conceptual sketch ..i do a lot of these to pour out my thoughts on the subject ..more spontaneous and feelin based's always a two way traffic with drawings and what ur thinking while doin it ..most of the time my explorations are channelized towards finding an emotional connect with the story ...
hope u'll like the attempt

Monday, June 30, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

blue god

jus sumthing i've been workin on these days ...
will keep the rest for later
hope u'll enjoy:)

Monday, June 2, 2008

water characters

these are my water characters .i just call them so .
mura the fire bubble maker ,kinda the language scientist
and ankuuu the toy eater and the one eyed fairy..i won't tell who's who here

tea n coffee

this was a very interesting project
a series of illustration for a local cafe called tc's (tea and coffee)in Ahmedabad (gujrat,India)
to depict the history of tea and coffee
so while sittin in the cafe u'll know about the origin of tea and coffee

more ramayana 3392a.d.

some work from the project ramayan 3392a.d(virgin comics). it was lots of fun to explore this fantastic futuristic world .
on the book the colors were done by my friend and very amazing Mr. Ashwin chekirur
the preview of the entire isssue one is available at :

ramayana 3392a.d.

few more on ramayan as i said that issue #1 is preview is available online at:

i love working with brush and ink ,some how i'm able to achieve a sense of movement and mood through that.
that's something i've tried to explore in my work on ramayan. the story gets pushed at a different level when you start dippin in how your character feels and somehow realize it in your visualization.
brush strokes creating moments of intensity, silence and romance.
hope u'll like the attempt.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


some more samples
the colered pages are from a book called KALI (india authentic series)i did for virgin comics with the amazing writer MR.Sourav Mohapatra .
the black and whites are from my work on ("Ramayan 3392 A.D.) again for virgin comics (with sekhar kapur/deepak chopra/shamik das gupta as writer) this was ramayana reinvented which takes place in an apoclyptic future.

a begining

well for a start these are some mix samples of my work , i'll soon elaborate on the process and the ideas behind many of these as i spread my blog . hope you enjoy scrollin through.