Thursday, June 25, 2009

Krishna-Raas Leela

"Listen to the melodious music of the divine poet,
he plays upon the flute of love , the notes soar to high heaven
and reach the stars and dance on the raging waves of the sea"

The earth, the sky, the stars are all woven together by the soft straints of the divine music"

It's vibrations echo through the corridors of time in the endless canopy of sky"

(sama veda.446)
hyms of creation

YES, finally an update , the story is long and full of obvious excuses ,

there's much which has happened in the last couple of months ,like six months of no post , quiet insane ,
lots of work and the kinds which for a while i can't share with anyone , but now i'm back with a promise to myself that whatever may come i will still fill my virtual art space with some thing or the other,

A big thanks to everyone who kept floating me mails and leaving comments on my blog inquiring lack of updates , well blame the alien abduction ,and the numbness post scanning.
from now on i shall be more promt and will atleast update each week ,

on the work front some really exciting things are going on , my graphic novel is close to a "real" finish , and we are putting it together ,n soon i shall post some stuff on that but beyond that in last couple of months i've tried to improve more on my visualization and story writting , understanding and exploring ways to conceive a story, trying to obzerve details from your surroundings and mixing it up with your own ideas is an excercise of sheer excitement .there's no set approach or a formula ,just a lot of fun, some part is born with you and some part of it somewhere else .

these are some of my very recent experiments , paintings on lord Krishna and a humble attempt to depict his "RAAS" leela , the cosmic dance of love with maidens (gopies).i'll elaborate more on this as the graphic novel i'm working on is based on his mystical journey and contemplations
i've tried a very loose approach with colors giving them enough breathing space to mix and blend , it's too difficult to control a water medium or even a pallette with many colors , values , color harmony and interaction are still subjects i'm trying hard to learn but it's fun and exciting .looking at work of masters helps a ton , n how in those painting they suggest time and space so beautifully, remarkable.

cause of this long gap i have much to share , n i will , thanks again,everyone for being so nice and patient .