Sunday, September 28, 2014

Asia Society, Houston, Exhibition "Transcendent Deities of India : The everyday occournce of the divine"

"Transcendent Deities of India : The everyday occurrence of the divine", an exhibition hosted by the Asia Society, Houston and curated by the brilliant Bridget Bray, was an honor to have my work presented along with the 18th century great Raja Ravi Varma, the exhibit was on for three months and ended on the 14th of september, 2014. The pictures are from the concluding presentation, together with Julie romain (assistant curator LACMA) we talked myths and took some very interesting questions from a very astute audience, from scientific ideas embedded in the ancient lores, to cultural symbolism. To draw sketches in copies of Krishna, like always was the best of saying Thankyou to everyone. 
i just realized i hadn't updated this space in the longest time, almost a year now, it's difficult to conjure up this gap, so, on a quick note, last few months beside working on my fine art projects, i've been working on my next graphic novel too, will share bits soon. Thankyou everyone for all the love and support.