Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Krishna- sketches 01

A bunch of sketches from the project,
these suggestive scribbles are the most enjoyable part of the process,
when you are trying to "Search" "Derive" and "Express"
and after the drawn moment is gone you quickly jump to the next,
unaware and uncertain of the results it's only in retrospect that you rationalize
that these random meanderings were somehow connected, like familiar strangers.
somedays you are surging with meaning, and somedays these scribbles
remind you of your imperfections ,
somedays it's anguish of not "finding"
and some days it's the happiness of "locating" a lost treasure.
these scribbles delicately hang between the fertile universe of the mind( the Idea)
and the final deliverable asked by the material world(book or a film)
at times i wonder,
that we are nothing but scribbles of someone 's thought
placed on the vast canvas of life,
trying to become something and eventually nothing again.