Sunday, December 2, 2012

Krishna - a journey within -Trailer

TRAILER !!!  Krishna - A Journey Within, Written and illustrated by : Abhishek Singh, IMAGE comics, 300 pages.
This was completely out of the blue, the Trailer is right at the bottom of these images which were used in it, and some which didn't make the cut.

TRAILER : Krishna -  a Journey Within
Trailor Director : Aloke Shetty, Music : Apernit.

i'm posting the links again from where you can pre order the book.

Amazon (World Wide)

Flipkart (India)

Infibeam (india)

Thank you all for your support and appreciation, do post in your question in the comment section, if any, i'm more active in this little hideout.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Krishna - a journey within, a graphic novel. IMAGE comics

Finally after four years in the making, IMAGE comics Publishes:

KRISHNA- a journey within. 300 pages (full color)
5th DECEMBER 2012 worldwide release.
The book contains a sketch gallery which includes character designs / layout and process work.

The book is available for PRE ORDERS on Internationally  (also in Europe through amazon's)

Amazon link

In India you can pre order it from Flipkart and



also, if anyone has any question regarding my this book or my work in general, feel free to drop in a line in the comment section, I'm usually more alive in this little hideout, and will be replying to them on an everyday basis. 
Thank you everyone for your love and support.

Friday, August 31, 2012


...and like a dark looming cloud he shrouded the earth.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bhadra, guarding the eye of the universe, an exploration from the upcoming show Dhyana Shakti, scheduled tentatively around december 2012.
also finally i have the dates for the book, but can only announce it once the solicits are out, which would be next month i guess.
Thank you all for dropping by.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dhyana Shakti

An unfinished piece from my upcoming exhibition titled Dhyana shakti- based on the myths and lore of the feminine divine. this was done as an exploration piece in gouache and acrylics on a 3ft x2ft canvas.

Currently i'm painting the biggest piece i've ever tackled, it's 15ft x 7ft.
Literally, David and Goliath, i was a little apprehensive about going too big, because it increases the time and scale of the process a little too much, but then i was like "let's see where it takes me, what happens?"

 i'll post exploration of this piece and from the show soon, it's scheduled for this year's end.
fingers crossed that i'll finish things by then.

The news on the book is just a month away, i have been really holding it back, just a little more.

Thank You guys for visiting the blog and leaving precious words behind, it really brings a smile on my face reading all the comments, and feels great to know that what i enjoy goes out there and finds these connections with people.
Thank you once again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Some quick studies, wanted to post something simpler, something more instinctive.

Sometimes depth breeds in simpler unpretentious lines and not always in intense rendering, though intense rendering is no joke neither are simpler lines.

Thank you everyone for dropping by:) and news on the book, that is coming soon.

Friday, March 2, 2012


thumbnail study for Bhairava
studies in oils/gouache
oil studies, also if you can spot the header.
i thought i will at least update the post with more news and art.
Working on my upcoming show titled dhyana shakti ( based on goddess myths and legends)
is keeping me completely occupied rather disconnected from the world these days.

these are two paintings from my previous show Dhyana roopa. 2010 december, traditional gouache on paper, and ink on paper- 7ft x 5ft,
some thumbnail studies done for the show,WIP pictures and one to suggest the scale of the painting.
NEWS on the BOOK, we have finally stitched the whole thing together, with an afterword, editor's note, a sketch gallery, glossary, it's looking all complete now.
I've been really holding on to the temptation of announcing the publisher.
and a BIG art post with exclusive art form the book is NEXT in line, just a little wait before it all happens.
THANK YOU everyone who's been coming to this space and leaving your precious comments behind. Thank you.