Saturday, August 21, 2010

INDIA : Imagined in the Present, An exhibition

INDIA : Imagined in the Present
A group exhibition, where various artists represented their visions on the theme.
ideated by The Nirula Family Art Trust ( part of The Nirula Family Company)
The show was opened by Sheila Dixit (Chief Minister, Delhi) and was curated by Divya Nirula.
It was a privilege that my work was showcased along with some of the veteran artists of india, a special thanks to dear friend Arjun for making this happen.

i contributed two paintings :
Ram- the poised one with his vanar sena( army)
dimensions: 10 ft x 5 ft
Krishna- in a contemplative moment.
dimensions: 10 ft x 5 ft

thumbnail version of krishna paintingthumbnail for ram paintinga work in progress size- 10 ft x 5 ft.

works by other Artists.
Portrait of Mother Teresa by the most amazing Raghu Rai, it was an honor to be in the same show as him.A very rare Nanak in Bleeding times" by Veteran artists Arpana Caur.Sanjay' Bhattacharya's incredible Rahul Gandhi.Arjun Raj Nirula's "Three Stages of Buddha"

The exhibition was on for two days, and was greeted with an amazing response. Gratitude towards all those who took time out to come see and showered affection on the art. THANKS.

Preparations for the next show which happens early December are underway, will post more on that soon.
Now my painting work is officially represented by 'The Nirula Family ART TRUST'. You can find them here:

About the book,
it's getting edited, the announcements can only be made once we submit it,
so hopefully that will happen soon as well.

THANKS again for bearing the crazy casual postings of an artist and returning for more.
Also a big BOW down to all the amazing art out there, keep it coming:)