Friday, March 2, 2012


thumbnail study for Bhairava
studies in oils/gouache
oil studies, also if you can spot the header.
i thought i will at least update the post with more news and art.
Working on my upcoming show titled dhyana shakti ( based on goddess myths and legends)
is keeping me completely occupied rather disconnected from the world these days.

these are two paintings from my previous show Dhyana roopa. 2010 december, traditional gouache on paper, and ink on paper- 7ft x 5ft,
some thumbnail studies done for the show,WIP pictures and one to suggest the scale of the painting.
NEWS on the BOOK, we have finally stitched the whole thing together, with an afterword, editor's note, a sketch gallery, glossary, it's looking all complete now.
I've been really holding on to the temptation of announcing the publisher.
and a BIG art post with exclusive art form the book is NEXT in line, just a little wait before it all happens.
THANK YOU everyone who's been coming to this space and leaving your precious comments behind. Thank you.