Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dhyana Shakti

An unfinished piece from my upcoming exhibition titled Dhyana shakti- based on the myths and lore of the feminine divine. this was done as an exploration piece in gouache and acrylics on a 3ft x2ft canvas.

Currently i'm painting the biggest piece i've ever tackled, it's 15ft x 7ft.
Literally, David and Goliath, i was a little apprehensive about going too big, because it increases the time and scale of the process a little too much, but then i was like "let's see where it takes me, what happens?"

 i'll post exploration of this piece and from the show soon, it's scheduled for this year's end.
fingers crossed that i'll finish things by then.

The news on the book is just a month away, i have been really holding it back, just a little more.

Thank You guys for visiting the blog and leaving precious words behind, it really brings a smile on my face reading all the comments, and feels great to know that what i enjoy goes out there and finds these connections with people.
Thank you once again.