Thursday, August 17, 2017

New Book - Update

Hi Everyone, Thanks for coming down to this secret hideout, wanted to post an update about the work on the new book.
Some explorations hinting at the world, the world building is massive in this one, years scribed into sketch-books and stacks of notes surround me these days.

It's only now when i'm distilling all my notes into scripts, i'm realizing how much stuff might not make it in the opening few issues, i'll have to create openings to use that exciting material later on.

This regimented aspect of scripting is equally important, one cannot use all exciting part at once, it becomes a mess, usually a good rule to follow is, less is more, take a few good ideas and let them come together like a musical composition, stress on a few notes, go high on few, some pauses and breathing spaces, draw what is essential and try to put in quality writing work in the script, think about dialogue etc.

Writing and drawing a book can be a lot of work, i'm finally after many years, ready to begin the pages, it seems unreal, i hope it all ties up well.

Will post some more soon.

Thanks for visiting and reading,
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Monday, July 24, 2017

"the knower of solitude - Kewalya"

"The Knower of Solitude - Kevalya" 

What is "Kevalya" this "Solitude" you've become asked the peacock ?

Is it to go away from people and places of clamor ? 

into the forest or inside the water if one can hold his or her's breath…

is it to drive away desires from one's mind and rest in a place of non-materialism 

is it to take oneself away from the burning greed and want of comfort.

What is it Oh, Rishikesha, lord of all senses. 

Is it to take the body and mind into the five "Yamas" away from the distracting habits.
To immerse in…
non violence - Ahimsa, infused with "Satya" truthfulness, non- stealing of one's own virtues from temptation.

Is it to restrain "muladhara" and find center in the all pervading presence of "Brahman" and channeling it in our daily conduct "brahm-charya" to be as giving as nature is "Apari-graha" to be non aversive…
To be "non possessive" of our own good thoughts and let them be manifest through our actions for others.

The peacock continued, it this what solitude is Oh! Niranjana - the unblemished one…

…is it to understand "Kshama" forgiveness, to one's own mistakes and to channel "Krodha" anger as "Karuna"…

is it to see "Daya" compassion in oneself as a reflection of others…

What is "Kevalya" Oh! Hari - Lord of nature.

Is it to find control over "Niyamas" 
to be clean of one's mind Ego and malicious strands. 
to be content "Santosha" 
to contemplate on the nature of things and find that we are but a part of one universal self aligned by a band of the fire of "tapa" the radiating energy.

It is to know this and then give away this energy to everything around…emulating nature.

is it to know through this energy that there is a vibrational language in things around and within.

is it to feel this in one's heart and express it in silence emanating love.

is it to reconcile with time and death, to overcome the fear of decay..

…by knowing that the vibration will live on.

and that to create in one's mind "Huta" a ceremony of soul fire and observe "vrata" a place where one doesn't take anything but only gives...

...and that while we live we shall observe "Mita-hara" moderation in consuming and master the "Siddhasna" of one's mind, to keep it steady against any difficulty.

what is it…this solitude, Oh! Matangadeva - the lord of premonitions.

is it to know that "Asana" is not about holding the posture of the body alone but of the mind.
to stay with the steadiness of the thought or let it flow…

to know the "vritti's" the waves of the mind and to be in tandem with the "laya" and "parlay" the tides of the mind.

is it to know that "pranayama" is the ultimate prayer and the acknowledgement that we are all tied by the etheric fields emoting the unknowable divinity.

To know that each breath is a pearl we are creating inside the ocean of time, a rosary in accord with all things around.

is it to acknowledge this universal connection we share through our breath…

Oh ! Nirguna - the one without any material properties…what is "Kevalya" this solitude you have become…?

is it "pratyahara" to go away to a place in ether to bring back the lost awareness to our minds…

is it "Dharana" to be introspective while still embodying the world and it's beings.

is it to be "leen" immersed in "Dhyana" a place of universal harmony and observe the even flow and to exude that radiance to everyone around like the sun does.

is it to understand "the resonance" and "dissonance" are cyclic and that life and death are nothing but two medians intersecting in this world of existence…

…that we all are part of one sentient being.

is it to melt away into the energy, to give it back to the source it came from…

is it to give…

my body to earth.

my mind to ether.

my life to fire.

my colors to water

my flight to sky…

my good deeds to Life

my soul to kindness

my sight to innocence

my memories to Love.

my self to Earth.

…with that the peacock took a moment in silence.

The dark one hadn't spoken a word or maybe he spoke through the peacock…

The crimson of the evening was seeping through the trees glinting off the blue hued beings, like waves crashing onto the stones of time.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Art on Store

Have uploaded some new art and paintings on the site, do check them out and much Thanks for your support and Love.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"The Blue Oscillation"

"The Blue Oscillation"
He understood what he'd always sensed that it was not the power of cosmic field or quantum vacuum which would propel them into the new world, it was the mind.
The "para-Shakti" had manifested the Mind, but how can it be so, one needed a mind at least a strand to conceive one.
Who manifested the mind baffled the gods, they were new in this world.
The stories they had heard of the never ending pillar of light from brahma's own sons were utterly unbelievable, they could not fathom how can something not have an end or a beginning, even their lives had finite confines.
A voice chanted in the the ether calling all Gods ? The voice of of Sada shiva- the one who had witnessed the eternal pillar of light, and the failed attempts to scale it by "Varah" vishnu and hams-brahma. -
The voice belonged to no man or no woman, it resonated like a thousand conchs were blown into the mahat-field of space and time, seeping into the orbits an unknown vibration.
The gods knew this voice came from a distant place, a place which had seen earth and it's sibling planets grow up around a draft star, which now they called "Vamana"
This voice knew them in way they didn't know themselves.
The voice commanded that half of the gods become "Movement" and half "stillness" the universe started to expand and contract all at the same time then…
The voice was gone, it had become part of everything, both waves and particles.
The leader of "spandhan- the movement" "Kartikeya" took the seekers into a circle around the cosmos finding the star gate of the primordial mind, and Vinayaka the master of stillness sat and delved deep into the synaptic rhythms to find the hidden key to open such portals.
They shall meet one and other in sinusoidal oscillations. It would be blue...To know where the voice and the primordial mind came from, they must listen to every atom's yearning.
Text : Abhi Abhiart
Painting size - 6ft x 4ft, acrylics on canvas.

Friday, May 19, 2017



As she swirled the world into a story, the birds became her tongue, the tigers her eyes, the deer her fingers, the snakes her ornaments, the eagle became her feet, the bear her belly, the owl her ears, the stag her shoulders, the fish her brows, the tree became her heart, She became the forest herself, the scribe and abode to poets of yonder, and with that and more she gave away every ounce of her light to everyone around her, only a mother could do that. She blended in everyone's heart as courage and kindness and the ones who longed for her when she was gone found her there lifting them up.

Mother bless me to become Shanti (peace), to become Daya (compassion) to become Shunya (nothingness) to become Sattva (illuminated) bless me to become a tendril of your love unbound."

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The "Dancer" Nataraja

Quick Sketch Video -03
"Nataraja" The Cosmic Dancer

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

quick sketch video -01

made some quick sketch videos, will do a big canvas one soon !!!

full sketch !!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Otaree" the druid Frog

"Otaree the druid frog" goto my instagram to follow his adventures.
🌻 his journey to locate the fabled "Agni" fire& contemplations of how humans have rampaged the beautiful earth.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Be Like Water

"Be like Water"

At times we forget the resilient water and the problems it's facing because of humanities ever encompassing Greed.

2.5%, fresh water endures 70%industrial waste and toxins.

Here are some more facts about water pollution.

01: Majority of past 60 years of waste is thrown into oceans and 80% of marine pollution comes from land based activities.

02: Fourteen billion pounds of garbage mostly plastic, is dumped into the ocean every year.

03: The Ganges river in India is one the most polluted in the world. 

04: On an average 250 million people worldwide succumb to diseases related to water pollution.

05: Plastic waste has caused deaths of more than 100,000 sea mammals, sea birds and various types of fishes.

06: Aquatic animal have faced an estimated extinction rate five times more than that of terrestrial animals.

07: 894 million people globally don’t have access to improved water sources.

08: Over 30 billion tons of urban sewage discharged into lakes, rivers and oceans each year.

09: Over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed by pollution every year.

10: Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every HOUR.
Americans generate 10.5 million tons of plastic waste a year but recycle only 1 to 2% of it.

12: disposable plastic bags kill More than100,000 animals every year after ingesting or becoming entangled in them.

13: Plankton in the ocean absorb the chemicals, in their bodies this toxin become concentrated, large animals who eat them get contaminated.

14: Polar bears which eat seals can have contamination unto 3 billion times higher then their environment.

15: The humans don't escape this either, and are affected in turn by the contaminated sea food, what goes around comes around.

Shiva once clean the ocean, he drank the poison, it was human greed, but who will do this task now ?
Shiva is our collective efforts.

let's be a minimalist to begin with, don't waste water, make a promise.

every small action matters.

let's practice our intentions in every little bits of our lives…silently.
like Water.

Monday, March 13, 2017



They had decided to "Still" time itself, after all they were Gods but each win for time came as longer separation for the lovers.

to come out of its clasps wasn't easy.

today they had joined in after centuries of yearning.

each life of theirs represented by a color.

the gold for the womb,
the silver for breath.
the green of the forest,
the blue of the ocean,
the orange of the fire,
the purple of the heavens,
the reds of the netherworld,
the ochre of the gallows,
the crimson of the battle,
the black of dreams,
the white of the swans,
the cobalt of kindness,
The greys of age

they again merged together as one single color and seeped themselves into the thin membranes of time...
time who was weakened by their victory ,rose gently and in servitude to their love, opened its veils to anyone who willed to look through it.
colors of time...washed the world of its pain and remorse, that's what the god-lovers wanted.

Today on Holi,
give in kindness, treat colors to those you love, to those in need, give water to a plant and put turmeric on your forehead like a child of the sun.🌻🌷🌻

Story : Abhi Abhiart

Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 - Store & Original art

Welcome 2017- we've Re-Opened the Store.

Thank You to everyone who kept writing in and offered to buy prints or Art, your support and love means a lot to me.
Updates on the book, i'm trying to drive every bit of extra time and effort to get volume one to it's finish line. Will post some development and info on it soon.

Thank you again for all the love and support.

"be the light you are looking for."