Sunday, July 21, 2019

New Book Comes Out !!!

New book is finally is here !!! (Announcement is literally next week)

A few days from now, i would finally be announcing my next book. (feels unbelievable)
It's taken about ten years for this one, long passage of time, which has shaped me in ways best expressed through humility.
Around the time of my last graphic novel, Krishna-a journey within, I started to create paintings professionally, this was 2007-10, and then slowly that side evolved.
One of the biggest motivations which led to pursue it was that it allowed me to expand my understanding of various subject matter and do my research, dive into ancient texts, lost civilizations cultural design, science and weave innate realizations, dreams, visions and observations of life, into a strange mix of my process.
Few years passed and eventually, I longed to summarize all that into a book form. It took various manifestations, some sounded like research papers and some independent essays and then one day i just let go of the desire to make anything out of it.
I simply wrote stories for the sake of finding everyday solace  and painted with no damn given to one's own goals. We over emphasize these things, and way too often. I started to privilege the "experience" of connecting with whatever my imagination and efforts were summoning and tune oneself to accept that it was enough...and it was.
Then it all came together, stories which imbued years of research started to trickle in, a flow was established and i jumped even deeper.
This book is a handful of that river's water. We have plans for about 3-5 books and this this will be the first of it, the next one's will hopefully follow if the market responds to this one (people don't buy books have been a constant line thrown at me) so against all hopes i'm hoping that you'll give this a shot.
What and how this book came to be is another story, but it'll be here in a few days and i'm so humbled.
love & Light