Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swan-the soul

life is a perennial search for truth,
The restless swan the human soul is
flying with his will as wings outstretched,
back to the source it came from .

(Rig veda,from the verse- restless swan)

wanted to do something special for the blog , so made this to get away from the usual work .
the book is near completion and will soon put up some work from the developmental stages.

Friday, July 10, 2009


feed my children feed,
as we have slaughtered the one who consumes our forests,
to surrect his own brothels and palaces,
he may not even find redemption in his death
feed my children feed
we will march and look like chaos incarnated
as our souls stink of hatred
the blue prince will come to save them , a pawn to his own kinds,
but have no fear
cause what we fight for breaths flames beneath the earth,
and dances among the wolves
he who rules the realm of death
feed my children feed
as today...
....we bathe in our salvation

(taarkaa to his two son's su-bahu and ma-reech who were shape shifters (leopards in this one) )

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


These are some paintings on lord RAM
,from the epic story Ramayan, i've always been fascinated by his role as a righteous and brave warrior prince
,his quest to free his abducted wife Sita from the great demon king Ravan , is nothing but a metaphor of a war against your own sense tendencies(one of the many explanations)
his quest is of introspection and of self discovery.staged in a mythological space with many other fascinating cha.the poem has great relevance in the religious traditions of india and is also revered in various other countries.
i was fortunate enough to work on this story with Virgin comics , but instead of the classic retelling it takes place in the future ,
it's been over two years since i painted any thing related to Ramyan ,
i think it was the nostalgia which hit me while showing my old sketchbooks to one of my friend ,
and i started to think how would i approach it now , so whatever i'm posting is a result of this urge , few ramblings , few thoughts ,
i would want to block the story in chapters:(like the way it's in Ramayan too "Kaands" but named differently)

WATER: blue , water is born , and his royal start, his journey is from a drop to an ocean itself.

EARTH: his beloved wife Sita(daughter to mother earth), his exile and his journey onwards till Sita is abducted.

WIND: meeting the apes,crossing the ocean , hanuman and lanka , making the bridge ,

FIRE: Ravan , and the final war .

SPACE(ether): will be split and will be inserted between each of this chapter and would deal with Ram's own inner battles. and will explore his divine connection with Sita and with Ravan as well.

i choose the classic retelling of the story, as it already has a beautiful narrative, i would attempt to bring out the humanistic quality of these characters,
some of the vedantic literature associated with it , may be few modern undertones to give it contemporary associations .

this was just an exercise , quick sketches , wanted to share with everyone ,
but i've realized that i can never be bored of exploring this theme ,

cause at times it's not what u draw but what u learn out of your work on such subject matter,

forever a learner , i'm ever grateful .