Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"The Weaver" Part-01

"The Weaver"
Episode 01

Why would she give a names to anonymous beings she met in her dreams,
why the folks she saw never had any mouths ? 

Yet they communicated with something far profound then what mere words could say.

Often Kori, the daughter of the boar king would come to Mother Saranyu for council on her dreams. 
Which was odd, because Ma Saranyu never slept, she was nindramukta, liberated of sleep.

How can one who does not sleep know about dreams ?

It baffled her, what did she know about dreams which no one else did?
Did dreams live anywhere else too other then the sleep ?
Were sleep and dreaming even related ? 

Most folks who slept had nightmares not dreams.

perhaps it was kori's interest in the old speech. -

When we shed everything we know, how would the world seem then ?

Saranyu : you know what your name means ?

Kori : ...a blank place ?

Saranyu smiled and she brewed the herbs Kori had brought for her and said.


Kori had no idea where mata was going with this, but her heart was ardently listening. be continued.
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