Sunday, May 27, 2018

Weaver - Part 03- The forest herbs

The Weaver" Episode-3

"Your pain defines who you are but don't let it hold power over you."

So when did you stop sleeping ? Was it after the great forest fire ?

Kori was still startled by the black star trails which swirled around Saranyu.

Saranyu : it was...but I was too burnt, the fire had pierced my hoofs, its flaming arrows had cut through my tendons but I preserved and saved all the children, I was drained, and had to seek help.

Kori: where did you look?

Saranyu: He made medicines from the forest herbs, a night before he had collected most medicinal plants, but for his own people who had set fire to the forest.
He offered it to me though, enduring his own festering wounds, a strong heart, humans can be so different, some who burn and some who heal.

Kori : did you take it ?

Saranyu : .....

Kori : ...Your burns were excruciating ?

Saranyu: I remembered the forest echoing something in my heart.
That voice and the resolve in it was medicinal...

"Your pain defines who you are but don't let it hold power over you."

The forest even though incinerated took away my agony, since then I haven't slept, neither do I get the drift to sleep, I watch all scattered dreams, hoping that the forest might come back through one of them, that it may want to live again.

I watch over that hope Kori.

Story : Abhi

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