Sunday, May 13, 2018

"The Weaver" Part -02

"The Weaver" Episode - 02

Beyond the dream world, where dark light tints the distant red stars is the realm of "Susupti"- Deep sleep.

That is where the mind goes, leaving the physical body.

This is where the dreams emanate from.
Some congregate to form the "Dream state" some move more freely.

Kori: Hard to recollect anything from this vagrant state.
It's impossible to track the deep-sleep realms unlike the "swapn" night self and "jagrat" day self. ?

Saranyu: Dreams are not looking for the minds.
You must know child...the mind is looking for dreams. -
Once it finds it.
It traps it.
Puts on reins of reason.
Locks it down with borders of logic.

It takes immense effort to free the dreams from the clasp of the mind.

And when you free the dreams you change too.
They transform you.
So much so that the order in the walking world looks irrational and meaningless.

Dreams can do that you see...

They make you love a different world, then the one you presently inhabit.

That can be dangerous...

Are you sure you want to know about them Kori ?

The pot whistled and the top opened letting something out which resembled little bugs ?


Wide eyed Kori gasped and her breath became jaded with surprise.

...(to be continued)

Story : Abhi -


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