Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Weaver - Part-04 - "Adaari"

"The one who frees, is often not the one who lives to enjoy the freedom."

Saranyu was looking outside her small window, at the solemn bowl which never ran out of water for birds tormented by the heat wave. -
As the birds pressed their beaks into the silence of the water, ripples echoed a distant thought.

When the prisoners of war the "vihagaas- the birds" were rescued by the valiant forest guardians, most of them got infected by the light of the new sun. -
The forest beings which lived under the ocean wasn't used to this new bright thing. -
The sun had sent its people to conquer all on earth.

"Free the cages
Let the birds be out."

The water of the earth had dried and it's surface charred by the people of the new sun.
So the birds took to the skies and remained there until the trees were born.

Saranyu looked at the bowl of water, she remembered her own brave daughter who had given her life to break free the birds from those uranium traps.

Kori : how old was she when she fought the Great War ?
Saranyu : your age.

That's why dreams don't appear in the light, they come in the night.

It's the way of the old earth.
Simply closing ones eyes is not enough, you must remember those who gave their lives, the pure hearts, the dreams they left behind are the ones you want to lead.

(To be continued)

Story: Abhi

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