Wednesday, September 11, 2013


i'll be posting more often now. no exerting extra pressure on the cerebral planes for long ambitious posts which happen only once in four months. also, i have posted the whole write up inside in the comment section, a start to a conversation. 


abhishek singh said...

for some time i avoided adding more posts to this hideout. i wanted the book to get as much attention as it could. in the four year of working on it, i couldn't concentrate on getting a site up and running, i just kept producing work and now that serves as the nucleus of my day.

i really had no marketing plan when the book got picked up by image comics, and having done no commercial characters before for main stream comics (though i was asked at some point), makes me no name guy in the states, but then everyone starts with a no name, but to tell yo the truth, i never even thought in this way, its only probably now when the book is out there, i have to help spread the word.

it's been both touching and accelerating, that the feedback to the work has been Phenomenal and has only reassured my faith in hardwork and that "the honest things find their own destiny."

though in the process i've learnt some very important things in the context of the professional world.

now, i'm close to my next exhibitions, and even though i've been traveling and pouring sketch of all the randomness i come across, which at times dieters me from my main work of completing the paintings.
i sort of deliberately give into this creative sway because when i get back to the piece, somehow it nurtures the eventualities of the painting in progress.

unlearn and derive as much as i can from my instincts, there is no set process to art in my heart, a caveman like approach (which i secretly admire the most) no extended ritual, just dive deep right up, pour a visual map out of the trance of witnessing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

save this valuable write up on comments for a post by itself or your bio book :)

Achi is finally getting hitched this November 29 at the Capital. Small church at a city on the hill. Read and delete this comment. She told me to let you know

All the best!

Marcello said...

Marvellous Beauty, what other to say?

Tejal said...

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Tejal said...

hey, have got some urgent work from you... could you please gimme your contact details at

Tejal said...

hey, have got some urgent work from you... could you please gimme your contact details at

Tejal said...
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Vibhuti Bhandarkar said...

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