Monday, July 1, 2013

Brahm- the essense

Brahm- the divine essence, which permeates all which is or will be. The creator God Brahma is  depicted here in meditation, embedding Brahm into the very fabric of creation.
 just back from SDCC was great meeting, signing and inhaling the chaos.

and now i'm in the New York city, embracing the city of stories, and will be doing a SIGNING at BARNES & NOBEL at 7:00 P.M. 2nd AUG, FRIDAY, alongside a presentation where i would show and share thoughts about my work, so stop by if you are around !!!

Thank you everyone for all the good vibes.


Kopi Luwak said...

Pictures are so nice but it's presentation is not so attractive.

Marcello said...

Good excellence as usual.

abhishek singh said...

HI Kopi
posting on the blog is pretty casual, when images will go for print, they will be cleaned up and in top quality.

Marcello- Thank you so much:)

lostinarc said...

Oh great..loved those lines ...its so beautiful....awesome..keep inspiring us..and thanks for sharing..:)

abhishek said...

Thanks naresh, hope your exhibitions went Fantastic, do put the work on the blog soon:)

Marcello said...

Are these pics about the next graphic novel?

abhishek singh said...

these are some initial thumbnails about the next pantings, but not all make it.
maybe, will a find a place in an art book, for now, just on the blog:)

i'm working on two books, let's see which one gets announced first.

Marcello said...

Good work! My favourite is the first picture.

Marcello said...

When do you say "books" you mean comic or art books?

abhishek singh said...

to leak things a little i this hideout.
there is one of each:)
fingers crossed.

Gagan Bhalla said...

Dude.. you'll be my fav. artist!
Somehow you present them in such abstracts, undefined which actually give them the real meaning - God!

Superb work. Love the way you have portrayed the heads of Brahma!

Though I didn't quite get the 3 versions... are you trying to build concepts out of it?

abhishek singh said...

Thank you so much.
the first one is indicating towards a painting, more transformation will take place when i'll paint it, an evolution of the expressed vision.
the other two, are exploration for a book, where he is constantly manifesting life (sounds and light forms), later in the book, one eventually reveals his param roopa.

Satpal Kadole said...

Beautiful Concepts.....

abhishek singh said...

Thank you satpal.

iAmCha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iAmCha said...

ooo, Let the teasers begin.

Btw, thoroughly enjoyed the experience of your 'Krishna: A Journey Within' which I had pre-ordered from flipkart. :) Never quite had a celebration reading any book in my life.

I bet Britney's next album will come out sooner than your books? Speaking of which, how about a special audio EP CD along with the next release on pre-order? :D

Will wait.

abhishek singh said...

i am in san diego, and confessing to it in this little hide out first.
tom i shall put out more details.

Thanks for the Cd btw, i got it and it's wonderful.

ya, crafting the story takes time, but i'm on it, i'm really trying to evolve things in the next attempt.

much love and keep the music going:)

tagete said...

Good travel to San Diego, I hope to see you in Lucca and your new Comic Book/Graphic Novel!

tagete said...

P.S: Tagete is the name of Marcello on Live Journal

abhishek said...

Marcello:) i met michele n caterina yesterday from BAo:) they are wonderful, we talked about you, thank you for your support for my work. SDCC is going great, i will post pictures soon, and yes, in Lucca you'll see a lot of new work:)

iAmCha said...

time for me to manage you fan page.
got it?

abhishek said...

let me finish one more book:) @imcha

Marcello said...

The Bao has said that your next graphic novel won't be published for Lucca. I'm so desperate, hi! Is It true?

abhishek singh said...

Marcelo, the work i do takes a lot of time. krishna just came out in december 2012.
i'm developing the story for the next two graphic novels, and will be doing them in parts/volumes.
also, these days i'm concentrating on finishing my paintings for the upcoming shows, that is my main profession and i switch back and forth, devoting time to my graphic novels.
if all goes good, and i get enough time, at least i'll be able to announce it by the end of the year and share the news unofficially at Lucaa.
i will have a special krishna poster for lucca (there you go a little news in advance)
take care Marcelo and thank you for your support.
keep well.

Marcello said...

Aaahhh, Thanks, good work and excuse me.

iAmCha said...



Umang villa said...

its so beautiful....awesome..keep inspiring us..and thanks for sharing..:)

abhishek said...

Imcha the signing went fantastic:) showed a bit of new work, drew tons of sketches.

Umang, Thank you so much.

Houston said...

This is cool!

Neeta senacha said...

Wonderful abhishek, wonderful. I love your technique and color scheme :)
All the best.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


anveshha said...

Deep in love with Ramayan 3392 AD..just love those scenes..thanks Abhishek.

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