Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Krishna - a journey within, a graphic novel. IMAGE comics

Finally after four years in the making, IMAGE comics Publishes:

KRISHNA- a journey within. 300 pages (full color)
5th DECEMBER 2012 worldwide release.
The book contains a sketch gallery which includes character designs / layout and process work.

The book is available for PRE ORDERS on Internationally  (also in Europe through amazon's)

Amazon link

In India you can pre order it from Flipkart and



also, if anyone has any question regarding my this book or my work in general, feel free to drop in a line in the comment section, I'm usually more alive in this little hideout, and will be replying to them on an everyday basis. 
Thank you everyone for your love and support.


lincoln said...

WOW! Just gorgeous!!!

Ravi Gupta said...

waiting :)

sevatma said...

you art is blessing

thank you for sharing

abhishek said...
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Ashish Godse said...

ur paintings are breadth taking !! simply awe struck by them

keep up d great work..

abhishek singh said...

if you came all this far, to comment on my incomplete post, THANK YOU so much for your kindness, by this week all the required information with tons of exclusive pages, only for the blog will get added.

also, i'll be more prompt in this little hideout from now on (only here and no where else) feel free to post questions you might have for my upcoming book Krishna or about my work in general, or simply share your thoughts.
Thank you everyone who came and commented on all previous posts, really really appreciate it:)
Thank again all:)

Sanchit Sawaria said...

Breathtaking visuals. The Title is a disappointment though.

Anonymous said...

incredibly beautiful!

Saumitra Kabra said...

Oh wow! Every frame is so incredible, its confusing which to appreciate first! Superb work sir, absolutely amazing. Cant wait to see more!

abhishek singh said...

Thanks a ton everyone:) Sanchit- Thank you so much, but if you have to suggest a title what would you suggested? because you are right, there could be many better one's
saumitra- ya it's been in long hibernation:) hard copies coming soon:)

Nick Sharma said...

this looks so wonderful and amazing ....i want this book now!

Unknown said...

Simply gorgeous..I'm finding it hard to pick my favourite visuals.I can't wait to see it in print! :)

Clifford said...

How's this for the title:
Krishna - The Dance of Colours

abhishek singh said...

Thanks a lot NItyanshu:) Kaveri, IMage will do an extensive preview at some point, i plan to add a few more then:) hope you are doing great.

Clifford- i mailed Sanchit, he's a very talented graphic designer, and figures he was talking about the LOGO not the TITLE.
he said he loved the -journey withing part, but suggested some really interesting points on the eisting LOGO.
your title, is lovely too.
and now when it's out there, i will always think i could i've made it better:)

Unknown said...

the images are awesome....... wat is the book about?? the lifestory of krishna or its something related to real life??

abhishek said...

Ganga- it's about Krishna's life, his pastimes as a child and his journey all the way to the ultimate end, it touches mahabharatha war, Gita, raas leela and couple of other events of his life.

Rodney Dollah said...

Looks great! Looking forward to those Pre-Order links :)

Unknown said...

Awesome buddy... May god bless you

Unknown said...

Awesome buddy... May god bless you

abhishek singh said...

Thank you Rodney, yes, they will be up soon.
Deeanshu, Thanks a ton brother:)

Thnak you guys, i'll be adding few more pages to the same post soon:)

sumiran Pandya said...

waaahhhh..macha diya...congrats

Abhilash.N said...

This will be trend setter..!!

Anonymous said...

Abhishek ,

You have made a work of art and you have no idea how many people are waiting with bated breath for the book . It is therefore with great reluctance that I have to criticise the cover . The 'image' logo is just too stark and blobby ( and dare i say , too large as well ? ) when compared to all the other elements on the cover . And the font of 'Krishna' is interesting and nicely textured yes , but seems to have a completely different 'character' from the artworks .

Meera ( Krishna bhakt via NID ) ;)

abhishek singh said...

Hi Meera,
hope you find my answer.
Thank you so much for your appreciation and speaking your mind:)

by cover do you mean the painting also, or only the logos?

if it's the krishna painting on the cover,
i personally made it with an intention of krishna loking at his own life(eyes in the back), his pitamber is in the "water" half way fluttering in the "wind" standing on a small piece of "earth" symbolic of life, he's consued in the" fire" of his existential thoughts, reaching out to contemplative/thoughful "space"
the deer, is placed as that was the reason of his death(kind of) and the peacock, so, all of it is pretty symbolic.

if you are talking about the IMAGE logo, that will not be there on the final novel, imAGE IS very particular about not putting it on covers of special books, it'll be on the spine and on the back.

if it's the Krishna Logo- maybe it could have been better, but that;s true to pretty much everything, at this point let's say in it's worst case scenario "it's not bad"
"how can i make it better" all the time it's in my mind:)
so, i really appreciate your thoughts and hopefully you will like my attempt overall.
Thank you so much for your thoughs:)

Shyam S. Deshpande said...

Congratulations Abhishek !
Wonderful as always :)

aLmoSt FaLLen AnGeL said...

is officially in love!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Unknown said...

Beautifull works Abhishek. Thanks for uploading

Singh said...

Wow Abhishek, from the sample images you have put up I am really looking forward to your comics.

Mayank said...

Beautiful Artwork!! I have been a great fan of yours since your Virgin Comics Day!! I just wanted to ask a question about Ramayan 3392 AD. Will vol.3 of it ever be released? If yes, then when and one can purchase it?

Thanks in Advance.

abhishek singh said...

Thank you so much.
Ramayana was a great experience,
Considering the story lost it's clarity somewhere midway, (which led to my exit as well) the abrupt end was just natural.
i don't think so it will see any third volume.
there was a lot which i wanted to do with Ramayana, and i've been working on some concepts, evolving out of the research, and drafts i wrote for ramayana, but it's not ramayana, what it is will take some more time to acquire shape, but that's the next book, there you go a little leak:)
Thanks for asking and for your humble appreciation.

Luv said...
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Luv said...

Amazing. I shall get a copy. Cant wait to see how you portray Gita.

viswan said...

NO Words to say ....
I'm your fan... it gives me inspirations to do draw.
wating for your post...

SanJ said...

Hi Abhishek,
Congrats on the book :)lookiong good!!!!!
I was wondering does the book also have prints of stuff you put on this blog like Dhyaana-roopa and other stuff you did on exibitions?

abhishek singh said...

Thank you Luv, Viswan, thank you so much.

San j hope you find this in time, the prints from the book and from my shows will be available by year end, we are currently working on the systems, will be posting that info as soon as we get started.

Thank you so much again for your words.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Simply beautiful.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Abhishek! It was sheer luck that I stumbled upon your work. I was googling for a particular image of Shiva that had me spellbound. I was simply trying to find a bigger size and better quality of the same image. After innumerable search combinations I finally hit gold. It was the cover for Virgin Comics Shiva (India Authentic Series). Still unhappy with the clarity of the image I further tried digging to find better links. And in the process I discovered that the man behind that iconic image of Shiva was you! It lead me to your blog which I haven't been able to put down since yesterday. I have been through your post's, the wonderful art that you've so generously shared and... I WAS AWESTRUCK! Yes you rightly pointed out... there is a reason why Caps Lock was invented. Lol! But seriously I was simply shocked to see your work... all of it. It's one of those moments that feel like you've been hit by a brick or something. I kept talking to myself in sheer shock as to how can one soul be so gifted. My pet dog was a little amused at my antics by now. :P

You cannot imagine the joy I felt going through your work. They are creations of a master story teller, they have a cinematic approach and feel to them. And your new work, 'Krishna' is simply outstanding. There are so many minute elements that I couldn't take my eyes off. The swans, the birds, the peacock feathers, the detailing on the surroundings and Krishna's mane! There are things in life that you feel gratitude for. I am so grateful to have been able to see your work. My soul is literally dancing with joy!

I'm even more happy to discover that you are very down to earth and a good human being.

I am sure you must be pounded with requests for regular updates and I'm gonna hammer the same. Please do update your blog at 'short' intervals. Cannot wait to take another glimpse at your work and your thoughts.

I want to see really big things happen for you. Thank-you and keep up the mind-boggling work!

Good wishes to you.


Rohan Pugaonkar

Anonymous said...

I am a graphic novel buff, and you are my favourite indian artist. have purchased all your previous works and preordered this one too.Ramayan 3392 AD showed so much promise, i know there were some issues but why don't you finish it-- your fans need closure.

Imran said...

Wow! I was blown away when I saw the solicitation for KRISHNA: A Journey Within in the latest Diamond Previews catalog. And even more amazed at the preview pages on this site. I've pre-ordered a copy and can't wait to read it!

abhishek singh said...

Thank You so much for your appreciation and support:)
i loved working on ramayana especially the year long period where i was just researching and exploring the story, i think what came in the way, is that everyone wanted to take a certain tonal direction with the story, just didn't work out, eventually i opted to do Kali and mark my exit.
post which it became essential for me to not crib and find " how will i tell a story" given that complete utopian freedom, hence Krishna book.
and yes, you'll be seeing some interesting projects coming up in the vain of what got lost in time.

i'm am too waiting for the hard copies to arrive, and i haven't seen it in the diamond previews, friends like you have send the news across, great to see everyone discovering the book:) hope you will enjoy it.

abhishek singh said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter.

These hidden strands, which right away speak to ones' gut, are the most wonderful finds.
if the cloak is me then who am i covering?
the withering inner self, get's propelled by them, breaching yet again the imposing constraints of the world.
why would a dancing God be of such importance to us ( adding your dog here too :)
why should you relentless strive to find a "shiva" image or why will i at 4:06 in the night write this letter back?
in the bigger functionality of life this seem to have no importance, the only incentive being that ethereal happiness which somehow manages to shoot straight from the heart, in my case your amazing letter, which got me gleaming.
and i feel the reasons of curiosity, discovery and wonder are reasons enough to do what one does.
THANK YOU soooo much for reminding me of this truth through your letter.

i'll be posting more often on this blog, at this point i keep adding new things to the same post, 
i'm working on my website which should be in operations in december, i'm trying to include a lot of WIP, new paintings and prints of my work.
btw about the shiva piece you are after, even i don't have a high res version, i left the company during that time and didn't save it, thinking i'll do it properly some other time.
so to give you a leak, in my third show Dhyana Sangam there's be an interpretation of the Nataraja.

tHANK YOU for your amazing mail, and for all the energy and motivation.
lots of love and light to you as well
in Life, if my work can be a bridge to the source it emanates from, i would have done my part.

Unknown said...

The book about Krishna looks really nice. The colours are so nice, i cannot stop looking...good job

abhishek singh said...

Thank you so much Inder, color has been a subject i learnt a great deal about working on this book, the quest is still on.

Mahesh CR said...

Done Abhishek, pre-ordered Krishna book. Can't wait to get it.

Btw, do you have dates for the exhibition? And is it an invite only event for elites or can mango people like us amble in?? :)

Please let us know, would be awesome to see your works live and its creator!

Unknown said...

This is really an awesome religious novel in graphical form!

razor wire

Anonymous said...

Stunning! Love the colors. Would love to know what went into the making.
Looking forward to seeing more.

roxn roy said...

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abhishek said...

hopefully this reply will find you, the exhibition Dhyana Shakti is tentatively planned for march, but considering the scale and amount of work the dates can change, i've been on this one for almost two years now, i'll be posting much more about it here after december, which is post my book is out, and Thank you so much for pre ordering it, do float in your thoughts post experiencing it.

Punit- i have tried to bring back certain spiritual and existential philosophies, hope that get's through.

Anonymous- the book has a sketch gallery, not a very elaborate one but sort of will indicate the making when you'll see it, but yes, soon an extended version, why not !

Rc- Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post thanks for the information.

Tristan Alexander said...

Congrats on the new book! I may have to get a copy, your work is very unique. Is it traditional media or computer generated/digital?

abhishek singh said...

hope this reply finds you.
Thank you for your appreciation first, the coloring on the book is done digitally.
though some images were colored with watercolors as well, and pat digitally.
my other paintings are completely traditional, mostly done in gouache, ink's and acrylics and sometimes in oils.

Wolfers said...

Just found the graphic novel today- and .... I'm still processing what I had read and seen, it's like my mind is having trouble translating tangibility into spirituality. I'm truly humble, thank you deeply from my heart.

abhishek singh said...

Wolfers :

i hope this finds you.

"where does it all start, and where does it all end?"
what takes our attention and what takes our attention away?"
i kept processing similar questions throughout making this book, they transformed me, made me inquisitive, above all made me patient, and if my attempt furthers one's curiosity, i would have done my job"

Thank you for your beautiful message, i'm still wondering about the same questions...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Never seen something as grand as this!! Simply put,, WOW!!

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wow... its amazing

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Mark said...

Wow !!! really this is the awesome blog & art.

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Vaishali Gadgil said...

Absolutely stunning illustrations.Ordering the book.

Dana Al-Basha said...

My friend Suha and I finally made the order for your three books [they are three correct?] your art is just amazing! We can't wait to get our copies!