Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bhadra, guarding the eye of the universe, an exploration from the upcoming show Dhyana Shakti, scheduled tentatively around december 2012.
also finally i have the dates for the book, but can only announce it once the solicits are out, which would be next month i guess.
Thank you all for dropping by.


clementine said...

really fantastic job !

Anonymous said...

[a sleeping dragon would think: ]

SAWESOME - like always ..

Shreelekha said...

Great work Abhishek!

Tampha said...

Ethereal & Stunning!!

Francesca Cossi said...

As I told you today on the airplane, you're a great artist and this is my favorite picture! Thank you again for the present you gave me! Also Michele is really impressed about your work and the meaning it has!

Unknown said...

You are a born artist buddy!! Keep up the good work. Keep inspiring.

Anonymous said...

vineet said
ausum job dude

g said...

Astonishing Boss!!
The details are just amazing!!