Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Some quick studies, wanted to post something simpler, something more instinctive.

Sometimes depth breeds in simpler unpretentious lines and not always in intense rendering, though intense rendering is no joke neither are simpler lines.

Thank you everyone for dropping by:) and news on the book, that is coming soon.


iAmCha said...


Loving the signature too.

All the best.

abhishek singh said...

Thank you Imcha:)

Thank you everyone, i remember starting this blog way back in april 2008, my job had reached it's expiry date (everything has one i firmly believe lol:) no it wasn't the job, it was me, i was tired of finding what i wanted to do in someone else's project, i thought it was both unfair and absurd, so i cut my corporate strands and renegotiated my annual budgets ( basically i canceled my due vacation plus night outs plus eating outside etc), with determination in mind and some savings i resorted to what i wanted to do creatively, i gifted myself an "Opportunity" and that's when i decided to put some of my work up online, couldn't do that before because of silly company policies, it not some morse code you are trying to safeguard it's ART man, just share it, but an emotion less understood by guys who run these so called creative machines, anyways my point was that it was an accelerating experience putting my work up online, connecting to artists, people, who were sharing the same emotion and had blogs, it was the first wave.
now when the world has shrunk into a mobile phone and social networking has swallowed patience in all possible ways, i still when i come to this Blog feel a sense of thankfulness.
the possibility it gave to a disconnected artist.
virtuality in it's most humble way is an enabler, unbiased presenter of a rhetoric, this blog is one such presenter, on such friend who lugged along, who kept my work on a cloud twenty four, seven, showed it to everyone who typed the magic code.
i just wanted to say Thank you to my blog, That no matter how many likes i'd get on any other virtual platform, you'd always remain my favorite:)
and yes, Thank you everyone, who ended up reading this scrap, sometimes it just comes out:)

iAmCha said...

You are welcome.
From everyone's behalf. :)
We are ALSO running out of patience for this book of yours.

Save some precious words of wisdom for the acceptance speech.

Thank You brother.

George Bletsis said...

Reminds me of my trip to Kolkata during the Puja, beautiful lines as always Abhishek!

FYF said...


A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful drawings!Very expressive!:O)

Ravi Gupta said...

very true ! yes we see most of 'you' at this 'place' and not anywhere else!

clementine said...

c'est vraiment magnifique :o

Sukanto Debnath said...


Luv said...

Thank you for sharing, sir. you probably know why ;)

zen wang said...

powerful lines!!

She-Thing said...

Gesture… gesture… too much… awesomeness… gesture… suffocation. Ack. Great inking, you could write a whole phrase drawing a tiger and yo could still read the phrase in that tiger… more!

Alok said...

Hi abhisek,

Its always a pleasure to see your work. And i especially like the more simplistic works you do.those swift brush strokes and water colour dashes that just inject so much life into even small sketches that make it much more grander and epic to our minds' eye.I also like it when you write along with the post.Its really personal at the same time so meaningful.One can really see the searing vehement pursuit of an artist after his craft behind those lines.And it gives others like us both the courage and strength to set out on our own you rightly said.Art is an emotion.And its humbling when in our journeys,such revelations dawn upon us.its perhaps one of the most honest things a human being can do.I think i ve been wanting to say something like this here for a long time.just came out when I read what u wrote :).Man,your always an inspiration. thanks.
"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one."- Stella Adler

Anonymous said...

Your Art work is really Good.
Cheers for the nice and brilliant work.

Abhilash.N said...

majestic lines....Awesommmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Dear Abishek,

Your artwork is bonkers!
I've been keeping a peek on you since the Virgin comic series.

Can you give some info on the book release? btw it would be nice to post upcomming events instead of reports of past events. I think that some people (among me) would love to see you work if possible.

Goodluck with your art end goodluck with the book:)

best regards, Sanjay

Unknown said...

woow .. can believe ny eyes..

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