Sunday, November 6, 2011



unfinished, oils and digital

daitya- means demons.

occours in Siva Sahasranama

as one of the roopas(forms) of lord shiva.

the one Who kills Rakshasas.

been posting more often here at the blog now.

a post on the book coming right up after this.

thank you everyone for dropping in Thank you so much:)


Oscar Rosales said...

Last two posts are incredible!

A. Riabovitchev said...

Looks really powerful !:0)love the energy!

Alok said...

Hi Abhishek ! Amazing work man! i love the way you paint.confident and fearless strokes.always an inspiration.been following ur blog for sometime but first time i am commenting i guess.
your Daithyagne just made my day :), gonna pull up my sleeves and get down to creating something today. thanks.

abhishek singh said...

@ eric thanks a ton:)
@ oscar- hopefully they'll become paintings.
@ riabovitchev- means a lot coming from you.
@ alok-that's the spirit man, i always start my day by looking at some gorgeous art or take a walk around, feel inspired, and try to do something worthwhile at my drawing table.

tejaswini said...

its simply awesom sir ,my hands are juz hold ,nt ready to close ur blog ....i really inspired by u n motivated to do smthng ,thank u sooooo much sir ,im a very big fan of U,i love to paint

Amit Arora said...

Wonderful Abhishek.. Love your work

Madhu said...

Just outstanding and awesome