Friday, January 8, 2010

Exhibition at LACMA, Los Angeles, Heroes and Villains - Heroes and Villains: The Battle for Good in India's Comics.

a very happy new year to all of you:)

recently an exhibition is on at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, titled "Heroes and Villains: the Battle for Good in India's Comics". it's on till 7th feb '2010

you can see a glimpse online as well:

The exhibition prominently features brief history depicting God's and Goddesses in comic books in india, namely amar chitra katha , virgin comics
their modern face and as well as some amazing folk art interpretations( i love these) of the epic Ramayan and godess Durga , which were the prominent themes of the exhibition.

my work on Ramayan 3392AD. along with works on Devi by the genius artist Mr. Mukesh singh (his work's just too terrific , do check out his title called"gamekeeper" and a short run on the tiltle for jenna jemson, lovely work), the amazing Saumin patel's work on devi ( his detailed layouts and keen sense to display the story is a treat),along with work by Mr. jeevan j kang ( on spider man india , beautifully rendered)were featured.

a special mention goes to the talents who colored the pages back then , ashwin for ramayan , thanks friend!and other's who colored the devi pages nanjan , kanna , mohan , thanks guys.

would like to extend my regards and thanks to all at virgin comicbooks(now liquid comics)
sharad devarajan and suresh seetharaman, gotham chopra, to Mr. Sekhar kapur and Mr. Deepak chopra.
thanks for a great gesture and an endeavor like this.

also thanks to avinash who very humbly have posted a review of the show on his blog , there are many other interesting articles there , do scroll through his's the address:
little sum pieces from the exhibition and some more ..enjoy!


Sami said...

Emphaaaaaaaaatic! Congratulations!

The only regret is, I cannot be there to savour it... although I think I have seen some of them in original!

Ashoo said...

hey abhi... ! GR8 going my friend !
let me be the one to post my feelings quickly coz i know ur comments are gonna get flooded soon!
Very well deserved bro ! That work was up to be showcased some day sooner than later.. CONGRATS.. Its also very nostalgic .. It was a pleasure to be a part of the team ( a gr8 one that ).. having watched you splash & splatter those inks with such ease on late working nights ! ..again i had said in some comment earlier.. very few come close to having an INDIAN touch to art like you do.. have so many thoughts rushing up my mind seeing this post .. Ill wrap up in brief though..

Congrats to all others too.. @mukesh .. HATS OFF to him!



Priya Kuriyan said...

awesome Abhishek!
well deserved !!

abhishek singh said...

som , lets' jaldi se meet one of these days , hope your film's has come out fantastic,

Ashwin , it was a pleasure working with you , your sense of colors and really added great depth to the art , though we met those deadlines with a little nausea , we always savoured the art:)
btw the new stuff on your blog looks damn cool:)

heyy kuri!!! long time , thanks you so much, i need to get my copies of your book signed when i drop in delhi:)

saumin said...

awefummmmmmmmm this indeed is a giant leap

Oscar Rosales said...

Awesome! Congrats! I will definitely check out the exhibition!

lostinarc said...

Thats the big one Abhishek...woow it's so

harshvardhan kadam said...

Hey Abhi, a month back my friend had pinged me bout the show and mentioned your and Mukesh's name. she was blown over!! Congratulations!!!


Unknown said...

Incredible looking show! Wish I could've been there.

Toonfactory said...

Congrats Bro! Superb News!

Abhilash.N said...

Thanks for the comments and adding me to your list. It means lot.I am a regular viewer of your Blog to get inspired. Love your art. You are already in my inspiring list. Keep inspiring with your Amazing stuffs my friend...:)

Luispa Salmon said...

Hi Abhishek! tanks for comment on my blog, but I feel very bad after watch yours...maaaaaaan you got amazing stuff!, looove your sketches, the watercolors, the characters...everything! are going to my list of "faves"


Marcos Mateu said...

Congratulations on the show!

Achde said...

Gosh! Your illustrations are awesome ! Toute la puissance du noir et blanc et la perfection dans la couleur.Vous êtes un grand illustrateur !

Eveline said...

This makes me so happy, Abhi! I am completely floored! You cant see it but I'm doing a little Snoopy happy dance. There is no one in our generation who can sketch and express stories the way you do. So proud of you!

Waiting for a signed copy of your book quite eagerly! :))

abhishek singh said...

Thnaks everyone for your encouragement and wishes!

Saumin: congrats to you as well , and lots of wishes for your new project:
do see it at:

Oscar: thanks friend! the bunny drawings are indeed expressive

Naresh:thanks , the new paintings look amazing on your blog!!

Harsh: love your work too, convey my regards to your friend:)

Eric: thanks friend! waiting for your book:)

Toon factory: alok brother, you've been around while we were doing this work , this is as much your as ours, thanks for your wishes:)

Abhilash: the admiration is mutual friend , i too love your terrific work,

Luispa: way to go and much to learn , when i look at the masters , i feel the same ..thanks buddy:)

Marcos: Thanks!! i always love lookign at your work , much to learn from your experience,

Achde: you are a superstart artist , i love the way you bring mood and story in your art, Thanks friend!

Eveline: presyy!! well i think i'm one of those lucky one's who's able to tell his artistic experiences , there many others , and much humble to even share their terrific work , but your words are soo motivating , i'll try to keep up !!

Thnaks everyone ,
it's been very humbling ,
back to the board now:)

abhishek singh said...

this is where you can seee SAUMIN'S new project ( a graphic anthology) :

Eric Barclay said...

WOW! These are truly amazing! Deep respect, my friend.

Luca Cauchi said...

Hi there Abhi! nice works over here.

Gulzar said...

wow! Am the rendering man!

You deserve it!


Kavita Singh Kale said...

congrats abhishek! i loved the illustrations!!! good luck!

Oscar Martín said...

Los dibujos tienen mucha fuerza, salen del papel. Tienes mucha calidad, amigo:-)


Unknown said...

These are Brilliant!!

Sidney Meireles said...

lindos trabalhos.

AnimatedTarun said...

These are dhamaka awesome Abhishek, congrats!

Willy Ashworth said...


Yuriy Sivers said...

I really like your style!

Tarun Padmakumar said...

awesome stuff! congratulations! u are in the BIG league now! Im sure those other artists were admiring ur work just the same aas u were theirs.
Congrats once again!

jazzlamb said...

Stunning artwork. Wow. I can't get over this set:}

kunal kundu said...

CONGRATS Abhishek!!! Stunning work as always....

I can already visualize some top notch artists over there admiring your brilliant brush strokes.... and telling themselves to be as good as you the next time they create something!

Shashank Acharya said...

good to see it in exhibition abroad! wow! Congrats! Keep up the good work.

Roy said...
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Roy said...


Hold on, first let me paint the words I wanna say.

"saw ur art and then come to know what is called beautiful"

Wish to work with you someday.


Deepa Gopal said...

Congrats and Good Luck!!!

Unknown said...

DUDE!!! FANTAAAASTIC SHOW!!as usual!!! bravo... but I like the B&W sketches wayyy more...maybe its just me...but they look far more dramatic. Maybe if the colouring was more sparse...just in ONE or TWO would have more dramatic effect..?? wotsay?? Like the Ladakh sketches maybe??
All the best!!!

abhishek singh said...

Thanks eric , luca :)
gulzar welcome back , finally a post on your blog as well,
thanks kavita , osacar, alina , thanks for your encouragement guys!
thanks buub , very sweet of you to drop by ,
pablo , sidney , tarun, willy , yariy thanks , thanks!
jazz lamb , tarun , kundu, shashank , always a pleasure to have you here!
thanks roy , deepaz , for so much motivaiton ,
vivek , means a lot you dropping by ,
i will too vote for the blk n whites , though we had very little time to color the book , i still feel we did great, some of the actual color samples because of lack of time did not get finalized , but then they looked more painted and less on inks , i love the raw power of inked stuff , so i vote for your comment ,
actually i've been working on a new collection of paintings just blk and white stuff and on much larger sizes ,
thanks guys for all the motivation , means a lot ,
i'll try my best to keep up with the expectations:)
and beautiful work on everyone's blog , let's draw , and explore life this year:)

Aleta Vidal said...

wow amazing, very strong drawings!!!

Manoj Sinha said...

माफ़ करना देर से कमेन्ट कर रहा हूँ, पर आपका काम इतना दमदार है कि हमारा दम निकल जाए. अद्भुत और लाजवाब.

Alex J. Bell said...

absolutely amazing work. I wish I could see them in person

debanjan said...

Could not stop staring at your brilliant artworks!

Amazing man....
Love to just keep looking at it.
You making us proud ...
Keep it up.

Alberto Belmonte said...

WOW! really great works, my friend!
I would visit you very ofently, for sure!
Thanks for your comment, greetings!

Shyam S. Deshpande said...

I know im too late..anyways..
Keep up the great work :)

and yes..Awesome blog !

Desiree said...

Love your work!!! Really fantastic!

Rochelle Burrows said...

I just came across your blog. Your work is truly inspirational! I'm in love with it. Great, great stuff!

Brijesh Rajput said...

Amazing work!

abhishek singh said...

means a lot , all your wishes and appreciation :)

Vishaka said...

WOW!!!! I wanna ask you something... How do u colour your illustrations? Paint/ digital paint?? Its great...very inspiring!!!!

ZOHEB A said...

supper sir

Aroop Bose said...

While going through your profile i learnt that you are a animation filmmaker. Can I see some of your films? i am really interested.

abhishek singh said...

@ aroop : ya sure, my student film is up on this blog named"hunters tale" a few posts down press "previous posts"
and i art directed an animaion feature called"Arjun the warrior prince" by UTV
type this in youtube to see the promos.

and recently developed a film project for cartoon network.scheduled next year.

hope you come back and find this comment.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

everything is stunning here, i remember seeing your sketchbook a long time back at the bmw. so good to see more work from you man! very very inspiring :)

Deep said...

Exceptionally Brilliant.....i have never ever till now seen such Art & i think i wont from anywhere else.
I am a Shiva follower & couldn't have seen anything better than this.I hope i can see your exhibitions whenever in Mumbai.