Thursday, June 25, 2009

Krishna-Raas Leela

"Listen to the melodious music of the divine poet,
he plays upon the flute of love , the notes soar to high heaven
and reach the stars and dance on the raging waves of the sea"

The earth, the sky, the stars are all woven together by the soft straints of the divine music"

It's vibrations echo through the corridors of time in the endless canopy of sky"

(sama veda.446)
hyms of creation

YES, finally an update , the story is long and full of obvious excuses ,

there's much which has happened in the last couple of months ,like six months of no post , quiet insane ,
lots of work and the kinds which for a while i can't share with anyone , but now i'm back with a promise to myself that whatever may come i will still fill my virtual art space with some thing or the other,

A big thanks to everyone who kept floating me mails and leaving comments on my blog inquiring lack of updates , well blame the alien abduction ,and the numbness post scanning.
from now on i shall be more promt and will atleast update each week ,

on the work front some really exciting things are going on , my graphic novel is close to a "real" finish , and we are putting it together ,n soon i shall post some stuff on that but beyond that in last couple of months i've tried to improve more on my visualization and story writting , understanding and exploring ways to conceive a story, trying to obzerve details from your surroundings and mixing it up with your own ideas is an excercise of sheer excitement .there's no set approach or a formula ,just a lot of fun, some part is born with you and some part of it somewhere else .

these are some of my very recent experiments , paintings on lord Krishna and a humble attempt to depict his "RAAS" leela , the cosmic dance of love with maidens (gopies).i'll elaborate more on this as the graphic novel i'm working on is based on his mystical journey and contemplations
i've tried a very loose approach with colors giving them enough breathing space to mix and blend , it's too difficult to control a water medium or even a pallette with many colors , values , color harmony and interaction are still subjects i'm trying hard to learn but it's fun and exciting .looking at work of masters helps a ton , n how in those painting they suggest time and space so beautifully, remarkable.

cause of this long gap i have much to share , n i will , thanks again,everyone for being so nice and patient .


Eric Barclay said...

I am so excited to see another beautiful post from you (although it is a bit overdue- ha!) I celebrate your success and can't wait to see more. And as always, I appreciate your visit and kind words. Good to see you back, my friend.

Toonfactory said...

Just one word - Speechlesssssss!!!!! Keep it up bro...lovely stuff...can't wait to see more..

Manoj Sinha said...

Hi Abhishek,
Welcome back, Thanks for yor comments, Hindi mein likhne ka keeda patrkar(bhutpurv kah lo) hone aur Hindi bole janewali pristhbhoomi ke karan aaya aur isi bhasha me main apne aapko sahaj mahsoosh karta hoon.
Khair, lajwab kaam, der aaye durust aaye. Lay aur tal ke sath rangon ka adhbhut mishran. Drawing to khoobsoorat hai hi. Keep runing!

Achde said...

your art is allways full of creativity and sensuality. Magic !

Rodney Dollah said...


I had came across your blog on John Nevarez blog and just thought I would post just to say that I really enjoy your work. Keep it up.


Yati said...

Hi Abhishek ,

Great work you have here. Beautiful surreal stuff on krishna. and I loved the designs of tigers , wow really traditional feel. The style is very inspiring. It so much sets the immediate mood for ancient folklore. Thanks for dropping by my blog and your comments. I'm just as glad to find your blog ..respect :)

abhishek singh said...

thanks guys ,
eric always a pleasure to hav ur encouraging words,

alok , waiting for ur documentary bro,

manoj , bhaut bhaut dhanyawad :)

achde thanx , always great to hear from u:)my regards

rodney thanx for visitin by :)

yati , thanx for droppin by , awesum stuff on ur blog , my respects:)

thanx guys !

lorelay bove said...

thanks for your compliments,
your work is beautiful as well very organic, rhythmical and sensitive.
great work!

Mehdi Shiri said...

very very very very nice great work

Tarun Padmakumar said...

Wen u did the previous post, i remember checking ur blog for weeks, just hoping u added sumthin. Now, much later.. and it seems to have been worth the wait. Thank you very much for the comment on my illos by the way.

trip-arty said...

OOOOoooo...damn good...more more more.....:)

Bojana said...

It's great that you're back, just when I discovored your blog you stopped posting for a while ;) But I'm glad that's changed.
Great new work btw!!:)

Haylee said...

Beautiful sense of shape! Keep on making beautiful work!

Mike Vatcher said...

good to have you back.....beautiful pieces

Tapan Gandhi said...

simply gorgeous!! the use of colour is incredible

i can't wait to see stuff from your graphic novel!

C.B. Canga said...

love these. lots of movement.

Shreya said...

Whee, an update! Such beautiful work! I love the colours, very vibrant , very suitable for Krishna :) Looking forward to more!

V said...

Dreamy as always!...cant wait for that novel:)

lostinarc said...

Abhishek AM have amazing talent n the command on strokes.....great work...your art it self narrating the story, the drama ....keep em comin..good job..where do you work..

thanks for comment on my blog..

iAmCha said...

Can't wait to grab a copy of your book!
Awaiting countless more stories.

Charles Goatley said...

Brilliant stuff. The choice of colours and style of painting blends perfectly and seems effortless. I can't wait for the graphic novel. And thanks for visiting my blog.

Gulzar said...

Wicked man! sleek! I love the way you use the colours...good control!

Keep it rolling brother! Keep it rolling high...


abhishek singh said...

thanks guys ,
it's motivating and makes me better my self !
and thanx everyone each of u hav incredible work posted on ur blogs , thanx for sharing you art and thoughts.

A. Riabovitchev said...

I love your works a lot!:o)

robi pena said...

Hey Abhishek!! Lovely work, love the movement, composition and the colors, sooo beautiful works!!!

Shashank Acharya said...

Hey Abhi,
Its wonderful to see the come back with new colorful work. I hope I can see your graphic novel soon. I hope to see it all :)
my best wishes

Tom said...

Welcome Back, Abhi! I was a little bit worried! In this time you're improved a lot and if you were a great artist, now you're soooo better!!!
Don't keep us waiting for another six month for a new piece! See ya!

Andre Barnwell said...

WOW! I love the lyricism you have in your work. Great stuff.

Vj Arumugam said...

your humble attempts are always beautiful my bro. loved the mix of colors and the depiction of krishna being there as the omnipresent. he listened to them, loved them caressed them, understood them and he made them realize how beautiful they were in their heart. pure love! :)

abhishek singh said...

thank everyone ,

i've been making more on the same theme and some big one's , hav just done the layout's don't know when will complete em ,

the next theme is "GEETA" the divine song summarizing the essence of life and the mystical ways of the cosmos ,

it's tricky cause there are so many ways one can portray it , and sometimes u get into a mind block not knowing how to visually comprehend it or even decipher it , layered texts where science meets religion.

one needs to go back and do a lot of study ,the process often leads to unknown unnoticed material stories and ideas ,
and a realization that these cultural themes have so much depth , makes ur task even tougher.

.. there will be one special post dedicated to one of my favorite artist ,
all coming soon
thankx everyone :)

Unknown said...

These are stunning!! Love the flow and the moment!

robi pena said...

Thank you so much :-)), I've added you too on my blogroll, I'm a fan of your art!! Cheers ^__^

Nimi said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. :) I greatly admire the style and fuidity in your work and especially your fluency with colours! I heard that you are working on a very cool graphic novel. Can't wait for it to come out.


Claude Richard said...

Wonderful works !

Martin Wittig said...

B E A U T I F U L!:)

Art Fan Ako said...

Lovely! Beautiful artwork, concepts and colors!


Very cool style on "A Homage" Abhishek!


RoB said...

Beautiful works! Glad I ran into your blog!

Rustam F. Hasanov said...

Incredible work, you have such a distinctive style. Just when I think I've seen it all I run into a place like this.

abhishek singh said...

thanks everyone ,
it's overwhelming and feels great ,
new work coming up soon
and i visited everyone's blog and will keep a check ..
amazing work guys n thanx for sharing
thanks again

Ashoo said...

Amazing flow of colors.. & lovely composition.. very indian & very evocative..Keep rolling..Always a pleasure to watch your works..

Matt said...

wow!!! I agree with Hans - "BEAUTIFUL"!

g1toons said...

beautiful illustration really love the colours

Deepa Gopal said...

A graphic novel...must see!
I am so glad I came across your blog. Its wonderful!!!

And the verse is simply gr8 as are our Vedas.

You've an indepth knowledge of both art and epics. Gr8 combo!

I am an amatuer (donno whether I am qualified to call tht!) artist with no training... but my blog is a small attempt at my desire to be called an artist.

Wishing you all the luck
Deepa from

mohd.tofiq said...

hi abhi ... hows its going