Sunday, June 1, 2008

a begining

well for a start these are some mix samples of my work , i'll soon elaborate on the process and the ideas behind many of these as i spread my blog . hope you enjoy scrollin through.


Enrique Fernandez said...

Hi Abhishek!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you are already publishing comic books, great! My personal taste would be more close to the style of the third image on this post, the trees with white stripes and "carved" drawings. Really nice and moody.
Keep doing good work!

Arvind Chudasama said...

Hi Abhishek
I m Arvind Chudasama kapil sharma's friend. Great.. great work ,'me salam karta hu....'
Arvind Chudasama
Animator+Model maker.

vishalmestry said...
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vishalmestry said...

hi abhi

this is vishal mistry
from 9x
visited you blog pages

good show........

can I imagine this all character explored by you can become live in game or animation mode.........

keep updating blog pages


I can learn something all da time

abhishek singh said...

thanks arvind , vishal ...thanks for ur kind words ,,
n enrique a trillion thanks for takin up all the pains to leave ur feedback ...
means a lot ..

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Amazing work!