Friday, May 19, 2017



As she swirled the world into a story, the birds became her tongue, the tigers her eyes, the deer her fingers, the snakes her ornaments, the eagle became her feet, the bear her belly, the owl her ears, the stag her shoulders, the fish her brows, the tree became her heart, She became the forest herself, the scribe and abode to poets of yonder, and with that and more she gave away every ounce of her light to everyone around her, only a mother could do that. She blended in everyone's heart as courage and kindness and the ones who longed for her when she was gone found her there lifting them up.

Mother bless me to become Shanti (peace), to become Daya (compassion) to become Shunya (nothingness) to become Sattva (illuminated) bless me to become a tendril of your love unbound."


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Soumya Tripathi said...

Hey amazing work on these pieces. I am especially a fan of pen based art.I find when you are working on a drawing using Prismacolor Colored Pencils, there are a lot of tiny bits and bits of the colored pencil is left behind. By using a kneaded eraser, I can get rid of the bits by simply and gently pressing over the bits without disturbing the drawing.

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